Community and Visitor Engagement

Community and Visitor Engagement

We are lucky that the Mahoosuc Region is not yet at a point of critical over-tourism, and we know it is important to build a mutually respectful relationship between our local communities and the visitation industry. This is a particularly important aspect of sustainable tourism principles, where our residents’ needs are respected, and they appreciate the benefits they derive in the long term. However, like in many rural destinations, the true economic impact of tourism is not well appreciated and is often underestimated. Closing this gap in understanding and appreciation will be important to create the Mahoosucs as a healthy destination and place to live.

Developing mutually respectful linkages between residents and tourism industry

Finding Our Way

Our work in 2021 - Immediate Strategic Actions:

Our work has identified immediate strategic actions, including:

  • Educating visitors and our residents about the broad range of economic, social and environmental impacts of tourism in the Mahoosuc Region.
  • Through Our Pledge work, develop creative ways that visitors can contribute to the viability and sustainability of our local economy.

Our Operating Principles

  • We know that building linkages between community leaders and the tourism industry is critical for long term support. The Mahoosuc Sustainable Tourism Committee is focused on a strong collaborative approach.
  • We know that showcasing and celebrating the region’s landowners, history and industries is an important part of building understanding and respect.