Environmental Leadership

Environmental Leadership

Taking care of our precious land and water and developing sustainable practices across the region will protect our place, our people, and our economy. The Mahoosuc region is proud to be leader in Maine’s broader movement toward sustainable tourism.

Implementing and demonstrating environmentally responsible approaches

Our work is guided by these strategic principles:

  • Our environment and natural resources are the foundation of our tourism and recreation sector.
  • Being a leader in environmental stewardship and stemming climate change makes the Mahoosuc region stand out as a unique and exemplary place to visit.
  • The more we build environmental leadership into our community’s infrastructure, the easier it will be for visitors to participate.    

Example Projects:

  • Supporting work by community partners involved in conservation, providing access to the outdoors, and local food production.
  • Area towns are involved in statewide climate resilience planning.

Finding Our Way

Our work in 2021 - Immediate Strategic Actions:

Our work has identified immediate strategic actions, including:

  • Identify and implement innovative environmentally responsible approaches, such as local regenerative agriculture and food systems connected to tourism.
  • Embrace and focus on renewable energy and waste systems to demonstrate sustainable environmental solutions.

Our Operating Principles

  • We think embracing environmental leadership could prove to be a game-changer for the sustainable tourism proposition in the Mahoosucs Region. Many regions are adapting environmentally friendly practices, and we want the Mahoosucs Region to display true leadership.
  • We believe that as the impacts of climate change deepen in the world, destinations that have embraced environmental leadership will resonate more with astute travelers.