Environmental Leadership

Environmental Leadership

The Mahoosuc Sustainable Tourism local stakeholders have a deep commitment to environmental leadership and the application of sustainable practices. While this might not look like a tourism priority at first glance, it becomes very relevant when factoring in sustainable tourism principles. This creates an intriguing intersect between the emerging global sustainable tourism conversation, and the Mahoosucs Region.

Implementing and demonstrating environmentally responsible approaches

Finding Our Way

Our work in 2021 - Immediate Strategic Actions:

Our work has identified immediate strategic actions, including:

  • Identify and implement innovative environmentally responsible approaches, such as local regenerative agriculture and food systems connected to tourism.
  • Embrace and focus on renewable energy and waste systems to demonstrate sustainable environmental solutions.

Our Operating Principles

  • We think embracing environmental leadership could prove to be a game-changer for the sustainable tourism proposition in the Mahoosucs Region. Many regions are adapting environmentally friendly practices, and we want the Mahoosucs Region to display true leadership.
  • We believe that as the impacts of climate change deepen in the world, destinations that have embraced environmental leadership will resonate more with astute travelers.