Regional Collaboration

Regional Collaboration

In the Mahoosucs, we understand the importance of a regional approach, and building a local culture of collaboration and focusing on shared solutions. At a strategic level, this helps us tackle the big issues, and coordinate our efforts for solving complex challenges. At a tactical level, regional collaboration can help us deliver quick outcomes such as eliminating or reducing costs of duplicated efforts and helping fund shared priorities.

Building a culture of collaboration and inclusion, creating shared leadership and regional solutions

Finding Our Way

Our work in 2021 - Immediate Strategic Actions:

Our work has identified immediate strategic actions, including:
  • Taking a regional approach to implementing our sustainable tourism plan and pledge.
  • Helping townships collaborate to find suitable shared solutions for infrastructure, waste management and resource management.
  • Cultivating a welcoming and inclusive community.

Our Operating Principles

  • The Mahoosuc Region, and our communities are not large or affluent enough to waste resources. Finding ways to collaborate and create efficiencies is good common sense.
  • We believe that future collaboration will be required to make real headway on implementing sustainable tourism and regional messaging and branding.