Workforce and Housing

Workforce and Housing

Workforce and housing challenges are endemic in many seasonal tourism economies. There is almost nothing simple or easy in solving these systemic issues. However, the need is real in the Mahoosuc Region and has to be tackled. Destinations that are interested in a sustainability focus try to create year-round living jobs and are looking at creative solutions to housing and accommodation needs. Locally, we share a desire for tourism industry workers to become long-term members of the community, and we need viable pathways to house or accommodation ownership. We want to take this a step further and explored how our community infrastructure could help transform local liveability.

Creating unique tourism workforce and housing solutions that enhance local liveability

Finding Our Way

Our work in 2021 - Immediate Strategic Actions:

Our work has identified immediate strategic actions, including:

  • Examine how to create affordable housing options for local tourism related workforce that include options for rentals and pathways to ownership.
  • Work with industry to create living-wage year-round jobs and enhance community liveability with concepts like multimodal transit, walkable communities and recreation for youth.

Our Operating Principles

  • We know the see-sawing of workforce in seasonal tourism destinations places significant stress on our local businesses and communities. Finding creative ways to level this pattern helps build our community sustainability over time.
  • We understand that finding creative solutions to workforce housing and building pathways to ownership is challenging. However, it is an issue well suited to innovative public – private – philanthropic solutions.