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Pledge to Embrace Our Place

The Mahoosuc Pledge helps us communicate our community values to newcomers and visitors. At the heart of our values, is a desire for a collective action to ensure we preserve this unique place. The Mahoosuc region is a working landscape in western Maine, with its natural resources providing recreational enjoyment and our livelihood for generations.
By offering the Embrace Our Place pledge, we are inviting you to be part of our shared experience here in the Mahoosuc Region. This pledge is part of our commitment to ensure these lands and ecosystems are able to be enjoyed for generations to come. We invite you to embrace our communities and way of life, today and into the future.

The Mahoosuc Way Brand

The Mahoosuc Way brand is one that acknowledges and respects the history of the region, while emphasizing a shared responsibility to respect the lands and the land owners. It’s a brand that highlights unification, and aspires to deliver authentic experiences while embracing and supporting local business and culture. It is a brand that appeals to those seeking travel and recreational experiences that are ‘below the fold’ and ‘undiscovered’, and does so with a foundational philosophy of sustainability.


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