The Mahoosuc Way

Steering Committee


The Mahoosuc Way Steering Committee is made up of a collection of people representing local organizations. This Steering Committee has been evolving from the initial team that was formed in late 2019, when the region hosted the Mahoosuc Region Community Destination Academy.

The Steering Committee is based on a principle of strong collaboration and a focus on sustainable tourism. The Steering Committee draws together representatives from across tourism businesses, not-for-profits, local government, and State agencies.

The Mahoosuc Sustainable Tourism Committee team members (as of January 2022) are:
  • Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce – Jessie Perkins, Executive Director
  • Maine Mineral and Gem Museum – Barbra Barrett, Director of Special Projects
  • Mahoosuc Land Trust – Kirk Siegel, Executive Director
  • Bethel Inn and Resort – Allen Connors, Managing Partner
  • Sunday River – Kerry Bragdon, VP of Marketing & Sales
  • Mt. Abram – Greg Luetje, General Manager
  • Bethel – Town Manager
  • Greenwood – Kim Sparks, Town Manager
  • Newry – Loretta Powers, Town Administrator
  • Woodstock – Vern Maxfield, Town Manager
  • Community Concepts Finance Corporation – Mia Purcell, Vice President of Economic Development and Impact
  • Maine Office of Tourism – Donna Moreland, Destination Development Specialist
  • Northern Forest Center – Mike Wilson, Senior Program Director
  • Northern Forest Center – Amy Scott, Program Manager
The Pledge to Embrace Our Place, is a way to bring locals and visitors together in a shared approach to create a sustainable tourism destination. Our work is anchored by the Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce and was supported with initial funding from our Sustainability Partners, Northern Forest Center, and Maine Office of Tourism.

See Our Committee

Amy Halsted,
Creative Director
Robin Zinchuk,
Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce
Mia Purcell,
Community Concepts Finance Corporation
Catherine Ingraham,
CEI Consultants
Mike Wilson,
Northern Forest Center
Karolyn Castaldo,
Sunday River
Barbra Barrett,
Maine Mineral & Gem Museum
Vern Maxfield,
Town of Woodstock
Amy Scott,
Northern Forest Center

The Mahoosuc Region Community Destination Academy (2019-2020)

The Mahoosuc Region Community Destination Academy (CDA) program was built on a recognition that successful destinations require a unique level of cooperation among business, non-profit, and municipal stakeholders. They need a common set of skills and knowledge to enable effective team-based project implementation. The Mahoosuc CDA consists of professionally led workshops and training sessions combined with a package of direct financial and technical assistance to support destination development projects. The Mahoosuc CDA resulted in a Mahoosuc Region Sustainable Tourism Plan. The CDA was funded by The Maine Woods Consortium in partnership with the Maine Office of Tourism and the Northern Forest Center.