Our Vision

Our Vision

The ‘Embrace Our Place’ future has a strong focus on attracting visitors who can build and retain a connection with the region, and who will become our partners in ensuring it is a model of sustainable destination management. We think these travelers are seeking higher quality outdoor recreation, and unique cultural and community experiences. In this way, the region can leverage the region’s unique confluence of high-quality tourism assets, which are embedded in the vast tracts of natural landscapes.

Our vision for tourism in our region is encapsulated in the future we call ‘Embrace Our Place’.

We know our region could be vulnerable to over-visitation, which would ultimately degrade the local community experience and appeal. In articulating the preferred future scenario ‘Embrace Our Place’, we place an overarching value on long term sustainability. This ensures the region can continue to offer high-value visitor experiences, while enhancing local quality of life. The underlying principles of our vision include:

The underlying principles of our vision include:

  • Striving for a balanced year-round economy
  • Protecting the authentic character and lifestyle of the region
  • Pursuing the development of a dynamic destination that is underpinned by a strong sustainability ethos